Sub Component Table

Panels Plus Sub-Component Tables

The sub-component tables are designed for building rough opening window and door components. The component tables consist of two 144 x 42 inch tables. There is a squaring edge along one side to help ensure a square component. Components are manually loaded onto the table, laid out, and manually nailed. After the component is complete, the skate wheel conveyors can be raised to roll the sub-component out onto skate wheel conveyors or into the framer.

General Specifications:

Table Height33”
Table Length12’-0
Table Width Min86"
Table Width Max14-5”
Air5 CFM @ 90-120psig


Conveyor Stand Assembly

Panels Plus Conveyor Stand Assembly

The roller conveyors are used to transport sub-components from the Sub-Component tables to the framer, and for conveying and staging walls between tables and at the end of the line. They are available in multiple lengths and can be placed end for end to create longer staging areas.


Panel Lift

Panels Plus Panel Lift

The panel lift is used to lift walls from the end of the line and stack for shipment. It will lift 7’ to 12’4” walls.


Swing Gates

Panels Plus Swing Gates

Panels Plus Swing Gates fasten on the load end or exit end of the table so short walls can be moved from one table to the next without having to lift them.


Handle Bar Router

Panels Plus Handle Bar Router

The Handle Bar router is used in conjunction with the squaring table to route window and door openings.


Bulk Cart

Panels Plus Bulk Cart

This handy cart has multiple uses for your Panels Plus Wall Panel and Floor Panel Systems. Use it to keep different pieces of your panels at the ready, such as wood and steel components, bunks of studs, plates and sheathing. It’s strong, well-designed and built tough for optimum on-site assistance.


Tree Cart

Panels Plus Tree Cart

Our Panels Plus Tree Cart was built to house and store the various components you’ll need to complete most any Panels Plus Wall Panel and Floor Panel System. Use it for a number of handy, on-site jobs; it’s built for the long-haul, tough, steel construction including heavy-duty wheels.

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