Combo Line

The Panels Plus Combo Line is an all-in-one system for framing and sheathing wall panels. This system line has a small footprint and as a lower volume line, it is a great starting point for those in the panelizing industry. This production line consists of Subcomponent Tables, a Combo Station, and Roller Conveyors.

Subcomponent Table

The Subcomponent Table is placed at the beginning of the line. This table is used to build rough openings. It has pop-up rollers, a squaring edge, and a telescoping side that manually rolls in and out to set the component height. Subcomponent Tables can be adjusted to match the height of your station or system, making it easy to transition subcomponents from the component tables to your desired location.

Combo Station

The Combo Station frames and sheathes wall panels all in one system. It consists of a combo table, single tool sheathing bridge, and indexing tool carriages. The combo table is available with either stud locators or wide projection plates for stud placement. Stud locators offer quick and precise stud placement, while wide projection plates are designed for manufacturers equipped with a laser projection system, or for those using a plate-marking saw.

Roller Conveyors

Roller Conveyors are placed between the Subcomponent Table and Combo Station to transport subcomponents between systems. They act as a buffer zone while other panels are being constructed and can be placed at the end of the Combo Line to hold wall panels while they await stacking for shipment.