Interior Line

Designed for building interior wall panels, this production line is ideal for customers that want to run a line parallel to their exterior line to increase interior wall production capacity. With only one machine, the Interior Line is a great starting point for customers that are more budget-sensitive and want a system that can grow as their business grows. This production line consists of Subcomponent Tables, Framing Station, and Roller Conveyors.

Subcomponent Table

The Subcomponent Table is placed at the beginning of the line. This table is used to build rough openings. It has pop-up rollers, a squaring edge, and a telescoping side that manually rolls in and out to set the subcomponent height.

Wood Wall Framing Station

The Framing Station is the only machine in this system line, and holds the plates, subcomponents, and studs squarely in place for fastening. Panels Plus offers two different Framing Stations, the Framing Station with Locators or Wide Plate Framing Station.

The Framing Stations can be ordered with or without indexing tool carriages. The carriages semi-automatically fasten the top and bottom plates to the studs with the press of a single button.

Roller Conveyors

Roller Conveyors are placed between the Subcomponent Tables and the Framing Station to transport subcomponents between systems. They act as a buffer zone while other panels are being constructed and can be placed at the end of the line to hold wall panels while they await stacking for.