TIm Grahn General Manager

Greetings from Panels Plus! It appears that 2022 will be another great year for builders.

We are very busy here at Panels Plus. New orders are more than 50% higher than last year at this time. We are planning production carefully so that you can expect your equipment to arrive on time. There are some open spots between now and September, but the schedule is already filling up quickly. If you are considering buying equipment to increase your business output, please call us well in advance of your need. Our experience can help you to make the best decision for your equipment purchase and plant layout.

Panels Plus is working on expanding our manufacturing space and our staff. We are actively looking at additional facilities in our area.  We share an assembly building with our sister company, Lou-Rich, and both companies are experiencing tremendous growth, and so the best solution may be in collaboration with them. We are also working with our city planners to determine how much land we can cover if we decide to expand our existing building.

The Panels Plus Automated Sheathing Station that I discussed in the last newsletter has gone through several rounds of testing by our internal engineering staff. We have now hired an outside firm to test the machine and evaluate it thoroughly. This will give us additional assurance that we have developed the safest and most reliable machine possible. Once this phase has been completed, we will offer the product for sale. We are excited to get this first model of the Panels Plus Platinum Series released.

I also mentioned in the last newsletter, that we are adding staff. We have recently added a new installation technician and plan to add another. If you, or someone you know, are working in the building industry, like to travel and have an interest in equipment used by the building industry, please consider joining our team.

Did you know that Panels Plus is part of Innovance, a 100% employee-owned corporation?  Innovance companies are Panels Plus, ALMCO, Lou-Rich and Mass Finishing.  The Innovance website was just updated, and you can go to www.innovance.com to learn more about our sister companies.

I encourage you to explore the Panels Plus website. Our marketing staff has been working continuously to keep our website and literature up-to-date. Panels Plus is also on LinkedIn and YouTube. Please visit us at www.panplus.com or write to us at sales@panplus.com.

I hope that your business flourishes this year and that you also take time to enjoy your life!

Best Regards,

Tim Grahn, General Manager