Since the announcement of our new Platinum Series Automated Sheathing Station at BCMC 2021, our team has been working hard at getting the Automated Sheathing Station market ready. Part of this process has been the development and integration of the software we created on the machine to work in an input from MiTek’s ShopNet software designed by MiTek. This is the brains of the system, and something that took additional development time to complete and test.

After completing extensive testing at our facility, shortly after the show in September, we shipped an Automated Sheathing Station to a panel plant for further testing in the field. We are currently in Beta testing at one location and will soon have a second machine in another location. Our initial testing results have been very positive!

Based on our own testing and the feedback we’ve received in the field thus far, we have plans to make a few final machine and software enhancements. Our focus is to offer a well thought out product that will assist anyone building wall panels to do that more efficiently, with less labor, and with high-quality output.

A feature we’re sure our current customers with Sheathing Stations will be excited to learn about is that the casters on the wall have been removed on the Automated Sheathing Station. We also will be increasing our touchscreen from a 12” display to 17”.

Other enhancements that have been made include more options and customization when selecting wall panel information. Operators will now have the option to input the following information into the machine and customize the wall panel to their specific needs when they are running in manual mode.

  • Wall height
  • Stud size
  • Overall  thickness (including sheathing)
  • If tilt is required
  • Fastener spacing

The operator has the option to shut the following features off, so they are not fastened while running in automatic mode. The start and end point are received from MiTek’s ShopNet software.

  • Start  and end point for each member
    • Stud
    • King
    • Jack
    • Sill Cripple
    • Component King
    • Filler Cripple
    • Block
    • Bottom Plate
    • Sill
    • Very Top Plate
    • Top Plate
    • Header
    • Filler Bottom Nailer
    • Header Sill
    • Backer Block

Our team is looking forward to finalizing the testing of our Automated Sheathing Station and to getting this new equipment in the hands of our customers! Look out for more information on this product soon!