A few words from our General Manager.

Greetings from Panels Plus! Another year is ending.

This has been a very busy year for Panels Plus with shipments up 47% from 2021.  I’m glad to see all the work out there and I’m grateful for the customers that have asked Panels Plus to help them increase their production with our equipment.

As we look back on this year and look forward to the year ahead, here are a few items I want to highlight.

1. New Panels Plus Location. With the increase in business in 2022 and the planned business increase expected for 2023, we needed to evaluate our space.  The decision was made to rent a larger facility to accommodate the increased production expected to take place next year until a new space can be built.  I’m excited to report that the entire Panels Plus operation has been moved to a new facility located at 411 South 1st Avenue, Albert Lea, MN.  We were able to complete this move without impacting scheduled shipments to our customers.

Regarding the new production location, please do not send mail to our 411 South 1st Ave address.  Mail should be sent to Panels Plus at 507 W Front St, Albert Lea, MN  56007.  This is the engineering and sales office location.

Since moving to the new building, most components are powder coated instead of using liquid paint.  This change improves paint durability and provides excellent coverage.  I believe that our customers will appreciate this coating improvement that was planned into the location change.

2. New Territory Sales Manager. I would like to welcome our newest Territory Sales Manager, Paul Schmitt, to Panels Plus.  Please check out the article on Paul in this newsletter.  He will be training with Tim Kaasa for several months.

3. Automated Sheathing Station Update. Did you see the updated Automated Sheathing Station at the BCMC show this year?  Our new programming and controls resource made huge improvements to this machine.  This sheather will be a great addition to our lineup.  These will be available for purchase as soon as the field testing is complete. You can read a more in-depth update on this machine here: UPDATE: Platinum Series Automated Sheathing Station

4. Innovance R&D Group. The Innovance R&D group is busy working on the automated wall stacker.  The initial design concept is complete, and we are working through component designs, reviews, and cost analysis.  This product could be available in July.

5. A New Industry for Panels Plus. Do you build sheds?  We continue to make new sizes of machines for building shed components.  If you build sheds and never thought about this type of equipment, please give us a call.  You can read more about the new machinery we’re making for the skid shed industry in our recent article: Panels Plus Creates a New Product for a Booming Industry

As always, I encourage you to visit the Panels Plus website for all the latest news and literature.  Panels Plus is also on LinkedIn and YouTube. Please visit us at www.panplus.com or write to us at sales@panplus.com.

The holiday season is here, and many people get together with their families.  I hope that you find time to get away from work to be with your family and friends.  At Panels Plus, we are wishing you and your family a joyous holiday season.

Best Regards,

Tim Grahn

General Manager