In August, we announced that Panels Plus was moving our production and operations to a new location. We shared our previous building with one of our sister companies, Lou-Rich, and we were running out of space.  We’ve now been in our “new” building for 5 months.

A lot of work had to be done before the building was move-in-ready, from general building maintenance to electrical, and lights. Our team also had to prepare our equipment and inventory for the move, all while manufacturing and shipping out customer orders. We’re proud to say we completed the move while also meeting our customer deadlines.

“The move went really smooth, and we didn’t miss any shipments. The guys on the floor did a good job of packing everything up and getting it over to the new facility,” Stated Jeff Brown, Panels Plus Product Manager.

Our team is still working on rearranging a few things, but we’re already benefitting from the additional space. We’ve been able to spread out our operations and we have much more room to work with and to build equipment in.

Be sure to check out our new facility in the album below!