Jeff Brown Panels Plus Product Manager

A few words from our Product Manager

Greetings from Panels Plus! We have been busy implementing improvements to our Single Beam Sheathing Station with stitchers and Dual Beam Sheathing Station with some of the new technology that was incorporated into the new Platinum Series Automated Sheathing Station. Although the operation and interface remain the same, the servo drives and motors have been updated to the latest technology to provide a smoother, more reliable system.

Panels Plus has also designed a new Combo Station for the shed building industry. The Combo Station allows operators to build floors and walls from six to sixteen feet wide and up to forty feet long. The new Combo Station table has been designed to fixture the floor runners at the proper spacing for those in the shed building industry. There is also an optional work platform that allows the operator to walk down the center of the floor to fasten the joist to the runners. After the floor has been framed and the decking tacked in place, the operator simply selects the floor width and length, along with the joist spacing and the machine will automatically nail off the decking to the joists.

We’re excited to be able to offer new equipment and technology to our industry. If you have any questions about our new Combo Station or our recent improvements to our Sheathing Stations, you can reach out to our sales team at or call 866.726.7587.

Jeff Brown, Panels Plus Product Manager