Combo Station

The Panels Plus Combo Line is an all-in-one system that frames, squares, and sheathes wall panels. The Combo Line consists of our Subcomponent Tables, Combo Station, and Roller Conveyors. This line is ideal for startup operations or where space constraints are an issue.

The Subcomponent Tables are built for rough opening sections and have pop-up rollers, a squaring edge, and a manual telescoping side to easily adjust and set the wall height.

Our most common Combo Station consists of two indexing tool carriages designed to frame various wall panel widths, with lumber between 2×4 and 2×10. It also features a single tool bridge that smoothly traverses the wall panel, shooting nails at a pre-set spacing.

Roller Conveyors are placed between the Subcomponent Table and Combo Station to transport sub-components between stations, and to act as a buffer zone while other panels are being constructed.

Equipment Spotlight: Combo Line