Wood Wall Framing Station with Indexing Tool Carriage

The Framing Station with Locators is one of two main framing station models that Panels Plus offers and is designed to hold the plates, subcomponents, and studs squarely in place for fastening. The Framing Station with Locators provide superior wood wall panel consistency and are ergonomically designed to improve employee health and safety while constructing wood wall panels.

Superior Consistency

This Framing Station model consists of a framing table with various features including stud locators, a squaring edge, pop-up rollers, footswitch, push-button controls, a stationary side, and a motorized telescoping side. The framing station can also be equipped with indexing tool carriages.

The telescoping side is guided by tracks on the floor to set the panel height. Stud locators are positioned at 16’’ and 24’’ spacing and are color-coded for easy identification. The color-coded stud locators ensure consistent distance between each stud.

The framing table also ensures consistency in regards to the squareness of the wood wall panel. After the studs have been placed into the stud locators, the wood wall panel is clamped against the squaring edge by stepping on the footswitch on the load end of the table or by push-button controls on the exit end of the framing table. This ensures the wood wall panel is square before fastening.

You not only receive exceptional panel consistency with the stud locators and squaring edge, but also with the indexing tool carriages. the When manufacturing wall panels by hand, fasteners can be spaced incorrectly or more fasteners can be used than what is required. With the Panels Plus indexing tool carriages, nail spacing is preprogrammed based on your company’s specifications – leading to exceptional panel consistency.

Ergonomic Design

The Panels Plus panelized wall panel systems are more ergonomic than traditional construction methods and are developed at an ergonomic working height. Instead of building panels off the floor, employees are able to frame wood wall panels higher off the ground. This eliminates the need for employees to continually kneel or hunch over to build wall panels thus improving employee health and safety.

The Framing Station with Stud Locators also has pop-up rollers that extend the full length of the framing table. The pop-up rollers are raised by push-button controls, which are located on both the load end and the exit end of the framing table. The pop-up rollers allow for easy panel movement down the production line, so operators don’t have to physically lift the panels to move them once they are framed.