At Panels Plus, we are always looking for ways to improve our product selection and better serve our customers. To that end, we have been conducting a market analysis and survey to determine the feasibility and demand for an automated wall panel stacker machine.


Panels Plus has been working closely with the Innovance R&D team, part of our parent company, to develop an initial concept for an automated panel stacking machine. The team has been analyzing the industry and has also toured panel manufacturing facilities to view their current panel stacking processes. “We’re exploring all our options, even talking to robot integrators to see if that could be an option down the road. The machine must eliminate an operator – which I think will be the biggest challenge,” stated Calvin Leisenheimer, Innovance R&D Lead Principal Engineer.

As part of our market analysis, we are also reaching out to those in the industry to gain valuable insight and help guide our decision-making process. We recently worked with the Component Manufacturing Advertiser, “an independent online monthly publication for the structural building components and off-site construction industry” to deploy a short survey to those in the industry. We’ve received some insightful responses so far, and we’re looking to gather more responses from those in the industry.

Help Shape the Panel Building Industry

If you are a wall panel manufacturer or are considering adding a wall panel line, we encourage you to answer our short survey on whether an automated panel stacking machine would be beneficial for your business. It is only 3 questions and will take approximately one minute to complete.

Your feedback will help us determine what main features your team would need the product to have and whether an automated wall stacker machine would be a valuable addition to the panel building industry. Together, with your feedback, we can work towards creating more efficient and effective solutions for the wall panel industry.

Thank you for your time and participation. We look forward to your response.

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